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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Impact Shareholder Value thru Differentiation

Differentiate your Marketing Approach… through high quality, “crisp” communication and presentation materials. Ensure consistent “image”, branding and name recognition as the foremost goals of your e-mail and letter writing campaigns, marketing handouts and Website.

Differentiate your Sales Goals… by stressing performance and measurement tools in advancing relationships, not just closing deals. Mandate all salespeople to spend a minimum of 25% effort in cold calling or more affectionately, “hunting” initiatives.

Differentiate Customer Perspectives… by accepting only the highest levels of quality and responsiveness from every employee. Seek customer feedback to understand the “differentiators” of doing business with you vs. the competition. Ensure customer service escalates in personalization and satisfaction in the hand-off from sales to production/distribution/project management.

Differentiate your Accounting Function… by requiring timely, accurate, concise management information to impact executive decision making. Ensure finance team leaders and staff work cohesively with other departmental functions.

Set goals for all Department Managers to differentiate themselves… by successfully balancing the accountability for departmental excellence with the ongoing necessities of staff development, training and communication.

Differentiate your Internal Communication… with credibility, mutual respect and consistency. Recognize the immense power of your words –both negative and positive.

Clarify your strategic focus and align your organizational structure, your advisors and your capital with the means to get there. Differentiate Personal Relationships… with employees and advisors to remain objective regarding the required skill sets and personalities necessary to successfully execute and grow.