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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Day is Coming for Democrats and Republicans to Step Aside

In one of the next three elections (13 years), a prominent independent candidate will win the US Presidency (think Ross Perot in more troubling times). We clearly need a break from the politics of politics and there is major work to do in making all areas of government efficient, responsive and financially stable.

I marvel at the numbers of business colleagues who agree with me about the solutions- but no politician seems willing to take on the core issues that are not about winning friends, but about good government. I yearn for a visionary, a really important leader to break the hypocrisy so we can all be confident and proud we that we together as a Country are moving forward in the right, fiscally responsible directions focused on long-term benefit.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is This The Calm Before The Storm?

Fascinating divergence of perspective between politicians, media types and financial planners who stand to gain the most by believing the recession is over vs. those most effected by today's economic challenges... entrepreneurs, employees and sales professionals who see only minor progress.

I'm witnessing a sense of "calm" from decision makers recently vs. the panic and total lack of clarity prior. No matter what the definition of recession is (didn't the experts not see it as a recession until 6 months after it began?), the majority of us will only feel better once unemployed colleagues and friends are working and small business revenues accelerate rather than deteriorate... in spite of what the stock market is telling us.