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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ask This... Before You Accept the Job Offer

I helped a neighbor recently in deciding about an attractive job offer. “Heather” is an operations manager with very marketable skills and in a long-time situation which has recently soured. Although her employer is a great company, it’s time to move on, when the right opportunity presents itself.

Her offer was attractive, she really liked the two business owners and her instincts said yes. I suggested she respond to the offer with one simple request... "I would like to review your financials- I'll sign a confidentiality agreement and the review will be done with you present." The prospective employers immediate response; “No one has ever asked that before. No way.”

Heather is going to work today knowing she made the right decision to stay where she is. And she is much better armed to ensure when she does make a move, it will be the right one.