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Monday, June 30, 2008

What's My Biggest Weakness?

I ask this question in every interview, but no interviewee has ever turned the tables on me. Probably the right move...

I've worked very hard to resist the need to provide an immediate answer to questions I haven't had time to think through (i.e. pricing strategies, plans of action, people and structural challenges). While the immediate response serves my innate need to please others and seem intelligent, I'm too often minimizing the potential benefit to both the individual posing the question and myself.

Sustain Momentum After the Elevator Pitch

Networking functions are frustrating. Sure I connect with interesting people, but I'm left with an impression garnered only through their Elevator Pitch, not a meaningful reflection of their demeanor, perspectives or likability. So I spend additional time over lunch or coffee to identify the smaller % who I can collaberate with to provide meaningful, lasting value.

Many professionals have developed an effective introduction, but fall short in differentiating their product and service, their knowhow, themselves to provide a lasting positive impression. Whether you are in a job interview, selling to an A level prospect or at a networking function, make sure your communication is effective (and consistent) throughout the process, not just in the beginning stages.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, Monday... Just Like any Other Day?

Usually, I love Mondays- the whole week in front of me to advance opportunities, projects and relationships. I'm re-energized from a "lighter" weeekend business focus and my creative juices are flowing.

But occassionally, Monday unveils it ugly side; like yesterday. A CEO stood me up (still overseas, guess he didn't receive my voice mail confirm on Friday), a schedule left with three hours to kill from the road (despite advancements in technology, this is not my ideal) and two remaining meetings which were only OK.

But hey, it's Tuesday now, Monday is in the past and thankfully, I have plenty of time, energy and will to make the week a highly successful one. Lets Roll!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Listening to Your Instincts

Had lunch yesterday with Rob, a long-time business associate. He and I have had tremendous success working together over the years; you might even call it "Karma".

Funny thing, he gets the credit goes for tremendous persistancy in initially developing our relationship, a trait which is usually my forte. Thanks Rob for listening to your internal voice and getting what you wanted; we have both benefited tremendously...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Social Networking No Longer Childsplay

Fascinating trend occuring; our children's passion with My Space and Facebook is escalating, at a rapid rate of speed, into the corporate world. From Linked In to Plaxo (recently acquired by Comcast and a soon to be formidable player) to the aforementioned My Space and Facebook, these tools are changing the face of the business recruiting, networking, marketing and selling landscapes.

If you haven't already, "Brand" your unique career, strengths and professional image for others to see and to expand your social network, because clearly... "Adults Want In"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What are Men Afraid Of?

Resurrecting the Mens Club at my Temple the last two years has been a tall task. I watch in awe as the Sisterhood grows ever stronger in fund raising, a sense of community and socialization while we have struggled despite a thriving congregation.

The reality is Men are resistant to stepping outside of their "constants", their inner circle of friends, family and business relationships. Women recognize the value derived from meeting new people and advancing these relationships. Makes me think that the advancement of opportunities for women (and minorities) is only in the beginning stages in US politics. We'll have hiccups along the way, but it may well be a great ride.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

TouchPoints- May 2008

As a service (and marketing tool) to our value business network, we've published a few "points" to touch our relationships in an impacting manner. Our 10 years of archives are available for client marketing purposes, below are the most recent thoughts....

Turn Stale Issues to Fresh Actions
Take control TODAY of the recurring obstacles you face with people, structure, processes, information (or lack of). Trust your instincts, plan the attack and hold yourself (and others) accountable to execute effectively from start to finish.

My Neat Little Discovery
Thanks to my 13 year old twins, I’m embracing a new IPOD which clears my head and elevates my focus. Give me sunshine, an hour to sit, walk, run and I’m re-energized; I understand now what the masses before me have discovered.

Are you Multi-Faceted or a Multi-Faceter?
Attractive is Multi-Faceted, the Professional who excels with multiple priorities and possesses strong confidence, presence and business knowhow. Annoying is The Multi-Faceter, the Individual juggling multiple tasks at a moment in time (email, telephone, computer) when 100% attention should be on the conversation at hand.

Amplify your Customers and Employees Pulse
The economy has weakened, meaning your customers are more conservative, your competitors more aggressive (or desperate) and your employees more combustible. Attack these challenges head on by taking a Snapshot of Employee and/or Customer attitudes to protect what you have and strengthen your Brand, staying ahead of the curve… and the economy.

Business Relationships

Interesting how decision makers are often closed minded to new relationships which have the potential to markedly improve business efficiency and reduce stress.
I find my creative juices are "sparked" in the majority of my business meetings. Bottom line is you need to expand boundaries beyond the norm in order to achieve new ideas and attain greater internal gratification. Use your instincts to determine who is worthy of your time and to separate the pretenders vs. the real "players".