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Monday, November 30, 2009

This is a Great Time to be an Employee

Employees have a steady paycheck, benefits and most important, real and tangible opportunity. Now is the time to embrace your situation and truly make a difference.

1)...Forget, for now, Those Dreams of Your Own Business - Hey, if you are an Entrepreneur with an incredible idea… maybe. But if you want to be a consultant or open a small business, now is not the time! Competition is fierce and the market is lean, demanding and thankless.
2)...Recognize the Pain of Those in Job Transition - Finding a new job is more stressful and time consuming than you possibly imagine. And there are no signs of immediate change.
3)...Appreciate Your Compensation – There is tremendous downward pressure on salaries as Companies seek to align compensation expense with deteriorating revenues and margins. Your current salary is likely at or above “market value”.
4)...Make Yourself a Better Manager- Demand is high for Middle Managers who balance functional responsibilities in combination with organizational strategies. Make a strong statement that you “get it” through both your words and actions and seek guidance from internal mentors to escalate your performance and visibility.
5)...Listen and Learn – Do the extra little things to excel in every business communication. Companies value those who overcome performance barriers and impact customers, vendors and other employees in a highly collaborative manner.

While your job may not be perfect, be very thankful you have one and make every effort to heighten both your attitude and performance. Your level of satisfaction will increase and rewards will come your way. Don’t worry, for now, about when, right now the reward is “You Are Employed”.