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Thursday, January 29, 2009

FAQ's -10 Minutes to Change Your Life

Appreciate all of your feedback and constructive ideas regarding my new business launch, 10 Minutes to Change Your Life ( In advance of the next Website update, below are the Answers to YOUR most frequently asked Questions...

How do I prepare for our 10 Minutes to Change Your Life Session?
Companies need to complete the Purchase Order.
Managers of Participating Employees must complete the Pre-Session Comment Forms.
Individual Participants will schedule an appointment by calling 888-341-2525 and are required to complete an application. Forward the completed application to; if you are in a career transition, please include a copy of your current resume and cover letter.

What happens during a “10 Minutes to Change” Session?
A 45-60 minute interview-style discussion is conducted with Eric Frankel.

Immediately following the discussion, you receive a confidential 10 Minutes to Change Your Life CD, based upon information reviewed in advance and your Personal Evaluation. .

Why is it called “10 Minutes to Change Your Life”, not 45 or 60 Minutes to Change Your Life?
The “10 Minutes” represents communication delivered by the Life Changer (Eric Frankel), recorded on an Audio CD.

Why is the 10 Minute Audio CD so important?
The CD will enhance the “10 Minutes” of Feedback to 10 Hours of Feedback as you utilize the content for ongoing inspiration, focus and reinforcement. This will optimize your Personal Brand and Career Success.

Can a “10 Minutes to Change Your Life” Session be conducted via telephone?
Yes, we are able to offer sessions via telephone for individuals and corporations outside of the Tri-State area. However, Eric Frankel’s business and philosophies are predicated on in-person contact. Because “10 Minutes to Change Your Life” is only one session, participants span a wide geographic area from NY, NJ, CT and PA.

Are all 10 Minute to Change Sessions held in your Westwood, NJ office?
Yes, except where Companies purchase Sessions for multiple employees. In this case, we will facilitate one on one sessions at your location for half-day or full-day time frames. You can arrange to have us come to your company by calling 888-341-2525 or sending an email

Great idea! I’d love for My Company to consider your services, but I’m not sure how to ask my manager. Any Suggestions?
The simplest way is to ask them directly. “10 Minutes to Change Your Life” is an Innovative and creative way to show you care about your job and your company. You certainly can’t go wrong by asking. If you prefer, feel free to give us a call to talk and brainstorm about an approach. Together, we will come up with a win-win scenario.

What’s so great about Eric Frankel?
Eric Frankel has incredibly diverse business experience. He embodies empathy, passion, and top-notch business instincts. Eric has an uncanny ability to understand and evaluate companies, complicated situations and individuals in a very short timeframe.
Eric will deliver… personalized, meaningful, and positive change in a nurturing, constructive manner.

Find out what the Buzz is all about!
Let Eric Frankel Change Your Life in 10 Minutes

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Very, Very Cool Phrase

Viral Marketing is a very, very Cool Phrase. I kinda understand it's meaning, but only the basic definition.

I gotta learn more about Viral Marketing. Makes me feel good when I say it... Viral Marketing... like I know what I'm talking about.

Or maybe I should just leave Viral Marketing alone.

Nah, I'm Publishing this Post for Future Readers of My Blog, NOW!
Be free as a bird, Viral Marketing...