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Monday, December 29, 2008

Deliver Great Service... Receive Great Dividends

Yesterday, my wife Nancy did something which makes a world of sense, but as a society we don’t do often enough.

She Made Sure Excellent Service Was Recognized.

While enjoying a holiday meal w/extended family, we were impressed by our waitress who greatly enhanced our dining experience. In addition to a solid tip, Nancy did one better by informing the restaurant owner this woman had earned our utmost respect.

Ideally, the waitress and the restaurant will now earn more and other patrons will enjoy a dining experience similar to our own.

While we are often frustrated by bad service (and usually let higher ups know about it), let's make sure we praise superior customer interactions, as well.

Let's Pay It Forward.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is Madoff the Tip of the Iceberg?

I'm Speechless, at least for a few minutes…

The Madoff case reminds us that:
1.) Our financial service industry is riddled with corruption.
2.) The SEC is likely beyond repair.
3.) Our Accounting System is failing.

How can we rely on the balance sheets and P&L's of publicly held companies? Are the Big 4 accountants asleep at the switch? Is there any real oversight provided by the SEC other than deadlines and requirements?

We must react to these piercing alarms of the insane world we are living in. We need the good guys to take control and rewrite the rules to restore credibility and confidence.

Kind of like a superheroes movie with "Superaccountants", perhaps an Underdog Character shaped like a pencil.

All kidding aside, let's go President Obama...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Gem of a Concept

Got an email from a terrific lady who says "I take great pride in working hard every day."

If every employee worked hard every day-
  • we wouldn’t have as severe an economic crisis and
  • we’d be getting out of it much sooner.
Thanks for the great input, Mary Ann!

Create Energy, Even in a Stagnant Workplace

Too often, professionals describe to me their monotonous work environment, where business is anything but exciting...

You have the ability to change this environment. In this economy, we need to be nimble, carefree, loosey goosey and risk tolerant (especially when so many are risk averse).

Some of my favorite ways workplace energy is produced…

Sales and Revenues create energy. create Energy.
Client Care creates energy.
Creative Ideas create energy.

Relationships create energy.
Women create energy.
Teams and Collaberation create energy.
Receptionists (no kidding!) create energy.
Good Leaders create energy.

But most of all, YOU create energy.

What’s does the energymeter say about you and your co-workers today?

More Guidance Required for Internet Marketing

10 Years Ago we were introduced to the Power of Internet Marketing.

So why aren't more Technology Companies... or perhaps PR Companies really challenging and working with their clients to better position their Web Site, Web Presence, Search Optimization, Blog, Social Networking, etc, etc, etc.

Seems to me like Internet Marketing is more important, opportunistic and powerful than ever before. Are their enough savvy technology consultants out there who can deliver value in a concise, impacting and responsive manner?