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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Years Resolutions for the Job Seeker

New World I will recognize that finding a job in 2010 job search has no correlation to my past job searches.
In Control I will make no excuses and put no blame on others.
Always Selling I will put on my sales hat, no matter how much that intimidates me.
Contacts are Key I will push myself to practice my communication everyday through aggressive networking and public groups (Toastmasters anyone?)
Beyond My Comfort Zone I will meet people outside of my comfort zone and field of expertise to enhance my contacts and spur my creativity.
No Presumptions I will recognize that it only takes one job to end my job search, but I won't stop "hunting" until the deal is sealed.
Obstacles not Opportunities I won't cry about my age, my confidence, my looks, my resume, my background - but seek to turn any potential employer objection into an attractive retort.
The Golden Touch I will get my resume and my cover letter buttoned up so that when I look at them fresh each day, I like, no love how I present my Brand.
Always Networking I will recognize that I need to continuously promote myself in order to land the new job.