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Monday, March 15, 2010

Afternoon Siesta -A Means to Better Productivity?

I'm not a guy who goes crazy over sleep. I find it to be a means to an end- I go to sleep to energize my body and mind for the day ahead. But something strange happened recently and I wonder if I might be onto something.

I recall the great Dale Carnegie wrote about the importance of shuteye in the middle of the workday. I've never really acted on this idea, until last Friday... I stopped at home to grab lunch, laid on my favorite couch and sleep just overtook me; I was out for 45 minutes.

Friday afternoon at the office become better than normal. I had no afternoon fatigue. I progressed with a couple of key marketing initiatives with great zest and creativity - I actually had a tough time pulling myself away from work.

Now this is only a one time thing, but it left me pondering; if I close my eyes for 15-30 minutes after lunch when time permits, will my afternoon energy, production and creativity be vastly impacted? I'll tell you one thing, the next time I see someone sleeping "on the job", I'll think twice before rushing to judgement.

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