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Friday, February 11, 2011

What the Top CLO of 2010 Says about "Learning"

As quoted from Qualcomm CLO, Tamar Elkeles-2010 CLO of the Year, Tamar Elkeles designated by CLO Magazine in the September 2010 issue

"Three key learnings stand out: 1.) Hire great people, 2.) Utilize Vendors as Partners or Adjunct Staff and 3.) Learn from your Colleagues

2.) Utilize Vendors as Partners or Adjunct Staff- I have built several partnerships with local and global vendors over the years. These trainers, consultants and professors have become invaluable for me and my organization. I can’t hire all of them as employees- now would all of them want to be hired on- but they act as they are part of my team. We have the same goals, focus and commitment. Enabling true partnerships with trusted vendors allows me to have a larger staff of talented individuals who can impact my organization. Use their industry research, obtain good data, and ask vendors to help you learn about what their clients are doing. Vendors offer a wealth of knowledge and can enhance your capabilities. My learning organization’s effectiveness is a result of the highly collaborative partnerships we have with our vendors."

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