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Friday, March 4, 2011

Age and Sex Discrimination... Really?

I continue to be fascinated by people in the 40's (or 50's or 60's for that matter) who blame their job search predicament or career woes on their age and their sex, things they have no control over. Sadly, many career counselors and professional groups often promulgate these theories rather than challenge them.

The bottom line is every human being is their own unique personal brand. If they believe they are too old to compete against people who are less mature, less managerially savvy and have a brighter upside, then they are. If they believe they are being hindered from growth in their workplace as a result of the "old boys club" which holds them down, then they will be.

Our mind, energy, confidence and motivation should only get better as we enrich our knowledge base through diversified people interactions and an attitude of positive change for ourselves and those around us, every day.

I'm 48 and still working towards my business prime. Now if you want to talk about my tennis game, that's a different story.

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