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Thursday, June 16, 2011

When Did Unresponsive Become Acceptable?

Sure- I understand. We are overwhelmed by too many emails, a multitude of priorities and unending inventory of thoughts running through our mind. So we have to respond to the fire of the moment which, in hindsight, is often not that important.

There are those who are wonderfully responsive business professionals. They follow up, respond to your phone calls, needs and communications. But for an ever growing number, lack of responsiveness is becoming acceptable and that in my book, is unacceptable. Responsiveness reflects a professional who is under control, buttoned up, has a sense of their priorities and will get back to you in due time. It is not up to the initiator to follow up, follow up again and only after two or three hits hear the reply: sorry I was busy, how can I help you? or worse, what do you want?.

Respond. Communicate. Set Expectations in the Communication Upfront. Demand Responsivess from Your Subordinates.

Responsiveness enhances respect and allows for you to be much more organized, much less overwhelmed and earn kudos from your peers, subordinates and superiors. Can some gifted business professionals overcome a lack of responsiveness? Absolutely. But they are a select few, the majority of us, must impress people with not only our skillsets, but also our sense of responsiveness, consistently to all who need us.

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