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Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year Resolutions for the Business Professional

You may be dragging this Friday after a full work week following the chaos of YE festivities. So I offer you...

Resolutions for the Gainfully Employed Business Professional

Appreciate Your Employer- I will not talk bad about my employer, in these trying times I know how lucky I am to have a job.

Revisit your Interpersonal Skills- I will read Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People and apply it to everyone I touch in my organization every day.

Lessen Sensitivity- I will become less sensitive to others' perspectives, seeking to learn rather than be bogged down by bothersome scenarios.

Embrace My Managerial Role- I will recognize a large part of my work performance is embedded to those who work with me and will invest ongoing time in training, mentoring and developing my subordinates skills.

Listen to Enhance Others Perception of You- I will strive to talk less and listen more.
Organize and Prioritize- I will detail my goals for the year, the quarter, the month and the week and challenge and rewrite them at the start of each new period.

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